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Event Marketing

LUBICOM has extensive experience in the conceptual development, organization and management of special events. Each year, the firm markets and manages many special events throughout the world, including trade shows, conferences, seminars, fundraising dinners and concerts. It has a professional team to handle special events from initial conceptual development to execution: Although LUBICOM has organized many dozens of events, here are but a few examples of LUBICOM's more recent record.

Eternal Jewish Family (EJF)

Dais of Leading Torah Authorities at the Eternal Jewish Family Jerusalem ConferenceLUBICOM arranged several 3 day conferences for EJF in several US cities and Israel. Its team was involved in overseeing every detail from locating the sites to planning the conference program. LUBICOM's turn-key involvement included serving as liaison with hotels and caterers, arranging audio visual equipment, hospitality, follow up, marketing materials, invitations, public relations and everything in between. Most importantly, LUBICOM, as always, was extremely strategic in everything that it did, eyeing the long term positioning and benefits to EJF. Here is a brief synopsis of the EJF conferences:

Conferences on Universal Conversion Standards in Intermarriage
Over 100 Rabbis from around the world attended this first historical conclave in September 2005 in Newark, NJ to discuss universally accepted conversions in intermarriage, particularly setting standards for conversions that will be recognized by all rabbinical courts throughout the world, including Israel.

Due to the overwhelming response of the first conference in Newark, NJ, the second Conference on Universal Conversion Standards in Intermarriage, Hollywood, FL, March 2006. Over 250 rabbis attended this conference including chief rabbis from around the world.

A third national conference, attended by 200 rabbis in Boston, MA in October 2006, gathered to continue on the journey of setting Universally Accepted Standards for Conversion in Intermarriage.

LUBICOM is in the process of organizing conferences for the Eternal Jewish Family to be held over the next year in Montreal, Canada, Phoenix, AZ, Washington, DC, Europe, South America and once again in Jerusalem, Israel. Smaller conferences for Dayanim and Kiruv Professionals are also in the works for 2007.

First Seminar for Intermarried Couples Exploring a Universally Accepted Conversion, Oxnard, CA June 2006
30 intermarried couples along with the rabbis they were working with attended a 3 day seminar at the Herzog Wine Cellar where they listened to some of the most inspirational addresses by rabbis on a variety of conversion related topics. This was an example of creative thinking in using a winery for the sessions and neighboring hotels for lodging.

The Jerusalem Conference on Universal Conversion Standards in Intermarriage Jerusalem, Israel - July 2006
This unprecedented conference gathered 300 rabbis and heads of rabbinical courts from across Israel to discuss conversions within intermarriage and come on board to set the standards for universally accepted conversions.

LUBICOM's Jerusalem office, established in 2006, played a major role in organizing this event. The Jerusalem office is in place to help with various international projects and events.

Wal-Mart Open House, Monsey, NY, October 2006

Wal-Mart is planning to open a Supercenter in Monsey NY and is looking to generate goodwill in the community. The LUBICOM team organized an informational evening for residents of Monsey to learn about the new proposed Supercenter, what it can offer the community and the benefits they have given other communities that have opened Supercenters in their cities.

LUBICOM arranged meetings between prominent members of the Monsey community and Wal-Mart officials prior to the open house to discuss issues of concern to the community.

LibertyPointe Bank Grand Opening, Financial District, November 2005

Shaya Boymelgreen, Guest and Meyer Eichler at the LibertyPoint Bank Opening ReceptionLUBICOM's marketing team was involved in the initial branding of LibertyPointe Bank and helped launch the bank with a grand opening cocktail party held at the new bank on 120 Broadway in the financial district of Manhattan. The party was attended by some of New York's most affluent people in the banking and financial industries.

Tnuva US Launch, May 2005

LUBICOM organized the official launch of Tnuva USA, affiliated with Israel's largest food producer ($1.5 billion in annual sales) and the world's largest kosher food producer The Launch included an evening of tasting some of Tnuva's finest products available in the United States.

Marpeh Lanefesh

Chacham Eliyahu Bakshi Doron, Former Chief Rabbi of Israel Giving a Brocha to a Family at a Marpeh Lanefesh Parlor MeetingAfter introducing this worthy cause to the United States by creating awareness and building an impressive board of directors, LUBICOM put together many advertising campaigns for this non-profit organization that takes Israelis out of mental institutions and integrates them into the community. LUBICOM planned and ran numerous events for Marpeh Lanefesh. These events included
  • Parlor meeting in Flatbush, Brooklyn in May 2006
  • Fundraising Dinner in June 2006 in San Jose, California for a fundraising dinner honoring Sheriff Laurie Smith, the Sheriff of Santa Clara
  • Parlor Meetings in July 2006 in Deal, NJ
  • and...
Following the great success of the first Marpeh Lanefesh Parlor meeting in Flatbush in May, LUBICOM put together 2 more and Woodmere, NY. The two parlor meetings were graced with the presence of Rabbi Bakshi-Doron, former Chief Rabbi of Israel.

LUBICOM has an impressive track record in the marketing and management of major trade and consumer shows throughout the world. Clients included the kosher food shows, international trade and cultural expos, luggage and leather goods, Gold Commodity Show, Home Sewing Expo, the Shoe Fair and Israel Expo. Some of its notable successes include the following:


LUBICOM played a big role in the development of the $11 billion kosher food industry. Part of this major task was creating a trade show exclusively for the growing kosher industry. What started as a public trade event in 1987 is today a prominent food trade vent with more than 450 booths and 6,500 trade visitors from 30 states and 12 countries.


Following the success of Kosherfest and the demand for a similar show in Europe, LUBICOM was part of Eurokosher which was a tradeshow held in Paris, France in 1995. The show had 200 Booths of Europe's finest in kosher with nearly 5000 attendees.

The Great American Dessert Expo

Prospective Buyers Sample New Products at The Great American Dessert ExpoDesserts account for billions of dollars of sales in the food industry but until 2000, they never had an “industry” of their own. LUBICOM realized that there was a need to create such an industry for the category that was growing more than any other in the food industry. The first ever Dessert Expo was held together with the Pastry Chef Competition in Las Vegas. Now the Dessert Expo prides itself on having close to 100 booths and 4000 attendees.

Jewish Expo

Over 40,000 Attendees fill the Javits Center for the Jewish ExpoLUBICOM is well known for the World Jewish Expo which it organized several times since 1987. The Jewish Expo has hosted over 250,000 attendees over the years who came to see the regular display of everything Jewish from companies to organizations to toy and Jewelry booths. LUBICOM organized these expos in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida and California.

Home Based Business Expo

Menachem Lubinsky Lectures on Building a Business at the Jewish MarketplaceIn conjunction with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, LUBICOM put together the Home Based Business Expo in less than two months. The expo attracted 150 Brooklyn based businesses in addition to the thousands of people looking to start their own businesses. This event followed the extremely successful Jewish Marketplace.