Our Mission

Our Mission

LUBICOM Marketing Consulting is dedicated to serve growth-oriented businesses and organizations with sound strategic planning and expert execution of marketing programs. It believes that the best managed companies and ultimately the most successful, focus on their strengths and yet are flexible enough to deal with change.

As a strategic marketing firm, LUBICOM Marketing Consulting helps its clients progress to the next level in reaching its targeted market, delivering its desired message, and in securing its ultimate positioning and branding. LUBICOM believes in helping businesses and organizations quickly adapt to rapid environmental changes in a technologically advanced age.


LUBICOM Marketing Consulting (LUBICOM LLC) was founded by Menachem Lubinsky in 1984 as a full service marketing firm, specializing in the targeted marketing of products and services to specific niche communities on a local, regional, and national scale.

The firm's strength has always been solid strategic planning and creative implementation, helping businesses and not-for-profit organizations move to their next level of growth and beyond.

LUBICOM's team consists of professionals who are expert in marketing research, creative development, media planning and placement, and special events management. This team often works as a group in implementing a strategic business plan.

The firm is notable for the diversity of its clients, ranging from some of the icons of American trade and industry to small start-up firms. LUBICOM has played a major role in some of the best known causes and events.

In 1987, LUBICOM marketed the very first Kosher Food and Jewish Life Show leading to its prominence in the marketing of kosher foods, marketing and management of trade shows, and ultimately producing its own events in major cities throughout the country. While working on these celebrated clients, LUBICOM never lost sight of its ability to help small to midsize clients achieve their marketing objectives.