Why Kosher Supermarkets are a Target?

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In 2015, the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris was the target of terrorists who went on a shooting spree, killing four shoppers. Last week it was Jersey City where three people were killed.. In Paris, Montreal and Jerusalem kosher restaurants were targets of terrorism in the past. To these cowards, a kosher restaurant is a religious edifice and in many ways like a synagogue. The important symbolism of kosher is not lost on these deranged individuals.

The Hyper Cacher store has long since reopened in what can only be described as an act of defiance. Although closed for now, we are certain that at some point the kosher market in Jersey City will reopen. We pray and hope that in this Chanukah season that no more bloodshed will come to our kosher community anywhere in the world as they make sure that their customers are able to obtain good kosher food.