Help! My house smells like a deep fryer.

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It’s the season of frying and chances are the smell of all those deep-fried foods will linger well after you’re done cooking.

Here are a couple of life-changing ‘kitchen smell’ hacks.

Comes Chanukah and you’ll be so ready to roll up your sleeves and deep fry just about anything.

Close all doors- First up is making sure that all doors are closed whilst you’re cooking. By all doors, I mean literally down to the doors on your wardrobe. This will make sure that even if some smell does escape the kitchen; it will be heavily reduced and blocked from spreading or absorbing on fabrics. No need to fall asleep in a room smelling of fried food.

Windows- All windows, especially in your kitchen, should be opened before you even start cooking. Yes, it may be a little chilly out at this time of the year, but trust me (tried and traumatized); you’ll prefer that slight breeze over a smell that just won’t go away.

Homemade Potpourri- This one’s my all-time favorite even for days when my kitchen doesn’t smell. I love to boil up some cinnamon sticks with citrus peels and leave it on the stove for an all- natural air freshener. Not only does it get rid of the smell of oil, but it gives your house such a fresh and heavenly scent. Play around with flavors you like and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with your own homemade aroma. I’ve now given you THE reason to buy that fresh lavender bouquet.

Bake Last! – We all know that when a Jewish woman goes into the kitchen, she isn’t coming out with less than 3 sides, 2 mains, a couple of salads and definitely more than one dessert. It’s just the nature of our culture (No complaints.) All you have to do is make sure you cook the heavy smells first and leave the baking till last. What’s better than a house smelling of fresh hot cinnamon buns? (I hope they’re on your Chanukah menu!)

Clean up as you go- I left this for last because … who wants to be told to clean up right away when they just spent the last five hours in the kitchen on their feet? The truth is, it will save you in the long run. Turn up the music and just do it. Clean up all those oily, greasy frying pans as soon as you are done using them. Not only will you have a clean kitchen when the cinnamon buns come out of the oven, but the smell is guaranteed to linger less the quicker the conflicting odors are gone.

Happy fried food eating!

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